Lilly's Love Crafts

  • Awesome Rock Painting, Emoji Rocks, Rock!! and other cool stuff.

    Steps 1) Find rocks: This part is always fun, so many rocks and potential for them. Collect smooth rocks in nature that have shapes of their own and are wanting to fit into what you going to paint on them. If you buy the rocks they can NOT have a coating on them, rocks with coatings are not for ... View Post
  • Lilly's Love Make your own Kinetic Sand

    Give your self 1.5hrs (not including over night drying)  You will need: Jar with lid or bowl (1 for each color) Food coloring Flat item to dry the sand on Glitter / Sparkels -Optional so worth it. 1 cup Glue - White or Clear work 1/2 cup Liquid Laundry detergent Sand -... View Post
  • Painted Animal Lids - fun stylish organizing!

    The trick to an "awesome style" in organizing is to pick a theme. The easiest theme is picking a few colors and then building on them around the home. I am going with my black and white theme as my base and then I use a splash of color to make things pop. If you are already in the black and white this craft View Post

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