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Emoji painted rocks Lilly's Love


1) Find rocks: This part is always fun, so many rocks and potential for them. Collect smooth rocks in nature that have shapes of their own and are wanting to fit into what you going to paint on them. If you buy the rocks they can NOT have a coating on them, rocks with coatings are not for this project, as the paint may not stick to the coating. 

 For emoji rocks, flat round ones are the best, but any will do as you can paint the background like the image above so that the emojis them self’s are round not the rock.

2)  Wash the rocks: Warm water soap and a bit of rubbing will do the trick.  Let dry in sun or with towel.  Paint will not stick well to them if they are wet.

3) Print off the pdf's below, or get some other ideas out for reference.

4) Paint: Acrylic paints are great for rock painting, easy to clean up and reasonably priced. 

5) Brushes: You can use any brushes, less expensive brushed the bristles can fall out, which is ok for rock painting, you will need to pick them out before the paint drys.

6) Sealer Once you have done your master piece make sure it completely dry before adding a sealer.  If you don’t have one, your painted rocks will be fine inside or protected from the weather.  Otherwise ModPodge has a outdoor sealer that works great.

Lilly's Love Painted Rocks Minions

 Painting Rock Printables PDF for Download 

Printable's Lillys Love



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