Lilly's Love Make your own Kinetic Sand

Give your self 1.5hrs (not including over night drying) 

You will need:

Jar with lid or bowl (1 for each color)
Food coloring
Flat item to dry the sand on
Glitter / Sparkels -Optional so worth it.
1 cup Glue - White or Clear work
1/2 cup Liquid Laundry detergent
Sand - fine works best. If you collect the sand your self sift it to remove any larger bits.


1) COLOR THE SAND: Put a few drops of food coloring in to the sand, mix well. 

2) DRY THE DYED SAND: You can leave the sand out over night in a warm spot to dry, or you can use the oven to speed up the process.  If using the oven just a low temp for longer time is better, you can prop the door of the oven open slightly to let the moisture out if needed. 

3) ADD SPARKELS - Optional: Add gradually to the dried sand how ever much you think will be the funnest.

4) MAKE THE SLIME BASE: In a different bowl from the sand, mix 1 Cup of white glue with 1/2cup liquid laundry soap.  Mix well until it stops sticking to your hands. 

5) MIX THE SAND AND SLIME TOGETHER: Starting with the slime ADD the sand in small bits at a time working each small addition of sand into the slime before you add the next bit of sand.  Once you get the consistency you like you are done.

6) STORING: Store in a zip lock bag and have fun with it often. 


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