Painted Animal Lids - fun stylish organizing!

The trick to "awesome style" in organizing is to pick a theme. The easiest theme is picking a few colors and then building on them around the home.  

I am going with my black and white theme as my base and then I use a splash of color to make things pop. If you are already in the black and white this craft looks great with black, how ever any color can be used. I have even seen golds and sliver look amazing. The colors are what will work best for your home.

Another great theme is using one kind of animal or object theme through out your home. Plastic starfish, dinosaurs, holiday or baby shower themes all work great with this. Who knew those little plastic toys could look so good?




If you are using two part lids like a mason jar, first glue mason jar lids to the bands. Using Crazy Glue is easy and it dries crazy fast, still give it a min to make sure it completely dry.


Glueing the animals to the top of the lids, put a good drop of glue to the bottom of each foot and any other part that will be touching the lid. Give this a few mins to dry too.

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Spray Paint is the fastest and easiest to use.  Put the lid with the glued animal on a base that will get paint all over it. start with the lid on the side and get the bottom FIRST, both sides, a nice light coat, making sure as to not get the inside of the lid. Mask the inside if necessary.

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The trick to no drip spray paint projects is to do less paint on each coat, while doing a few more coats, after each coats dries. Thin multiple coats while holding the spray can about 12 inches away from the object makes you a pro.

You did it,  enjoy your amazing handiwork - easy organizing. 🔥👍🔥

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