5 Ways To Master the Art of Organizing as a Busy Parent

We all have things that can pile up—whether it’s paperwork, laundry, or groceries. And when you're trying to juggle it all with a full plate of parenting duties, it can seem impossible to stay organized amidst the chaos. That's why mastering the art of organization as a busy parent is essential. Here are some tips on how to manage your multiple responsibilities and help you create routines that will make life much less stressful. 

Focus on Prioritizing Tasks

When you have several tasks on your plate at once, ask yourself: what’s most important? And then prioritize accordingly. Make use of lists or apps that can help you prioritize tasks. That way, you'll have an easier time keeping track of them—and even better, completing them! Knowing that you've got a system in place for how to tackle each task one by one will make organizing as a busy parent much easier in the long run.

Utilize Systems and Tools to Make Organizing Easier

Tools and systems act like the sorting tray for organization; they streamline the process and make organizing faster and more efficient. Here are some ideas:

  • Designate certain tasks each day or each week with a planner or calendar system.
  • Have specific bins or containers for different types of items, such as schoolwork, toys, craft supplies, mail, or sports equipment.
  • Install shelves or wall organizers in frequently used locations, such as entryways or bedrooms.
  • Set up an automated filing system—whether physical or digital—so that paperwork isn’t left lying around all over the place.
  • Use apps to keep track of tasks that need completing, such as grocery shopping lists or to-do lists for the house.

Declutter and Reorganize Your Space Regularly

No matter how much you plan, it's inevitable that clutter will build up and overwhelm you as a busy parent. The best way to tackle it is to set aside time every week or so to call your family together and have a Decluttering and Reorganizing Day.

  • Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose: Get creative with how you reuse or repurpose items you already have and consider donating items that you no longer need but are still in decent condition. 
  • Color-Code Things: This way, everyone knows where things should go when not being used so picking up clutter throughout the week becomes that much quicker and simpler. 
  • Use Clear Containers: This is great when it comes to organizing toys, snacks or any other items that tend to get spread out across the house. Kids can also see what they’re looking for without having to open every single box or drawer in the room.

Make Time for Yourself 

Organizing can seem like a daunting task as a busy parent, but it doesn't have to be. One trick that can help is to make time for yourself. When you have a set routine, your home and life flow smoother. You can use a planner or calendar app to plan out your week, organize meals, and set reminders for tasks. Taking the time to write down your tasks and goals will help keep you on track the rest of your life so you have enough time to do other things for yourself.

Re-Evaluate Your Organization System When Needed

No matter how brilliant your organizational system is, it will change over time. This can be due to changes in your family structure, work/school schedule, or financial situation. Take the time every few months to re-evaluate and determine what needs to be done differently. Be aware of the times in which you consistently struggle with organizing and try to find ways to make that easier for yourself in the future.


Organizing can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With the right attitude and a few well-planned strategies, it can be manageable and even enjoyable. A little bit of organization goes a long way toward a more efficient, stress-free home.