Welcome to the Lilly’s Love family, we have a passion around everyday easy organizing solutions for everyday life, while still making our homes look and feel beautiful.

toy storage bag bean bag chair - LIlly's LoveBeing organized means does not mean being perfect it means having a easy functional system, that gets used everyday.  We love creating practical products, with fashionable designs at a great value.

We at Lilly’s Love believe in Choosing Kindness, kindness through the actions we take and the words we choose each day. Like organizing its the little things we do each day that make the biggest impact/
Choosing Kindness - Lillys Love

What better way than to start teaching kindness in our world then starting with our children and our communities. We believe we can make a kinder more inclusive world one-word and action at a time each day.

In making a effort to give back to children in their own communities Lilly’s Love is donating a percentage of all our profits to the “Buddy Bench” and similar inclusive kindness programs. 

If your community is in need and ready to receive its own “Buddy Bench” please reach out to us here so we can put you on the list and get one set up for you. If you have another inclusive supportive charity or program that you think would be a good fit for us, please reach out we are always open and ready to find new ways to make the world a better place.


Buddy Bench - Lilly's Love


About the Buddy Bench program:

The buddy bench program has been growing for a number of years now. The bench provides a safe place for kids to eliminate loneliness and foster friendships.

The bench is a bench that is clearly marked “Buddy Bench” and placed out in the open on the school yard where everyone can see it.  When someone is feeling lonely, shy, or want someone to play with they go sit on the bench and wait. This signals to the other children, without words, that there is someone feeling left out.  This ice breaker makes it easy for another to approach and invite them to play.