4 Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Kids' Toys

Organizing your kid's toys doesn't have to be a huge job– it can be fun and even educational if you do it right! With a little bit of elbow grease and know-how, you can create a system that is both easily manageable and enjoyable for all family members. So let's get started!

Establish a Clutter-Free Zone

Establishing a clutter-free zone can help reduce stress and give everyone a sense of calm. Set a place where they can go all out on playing with their toys without restrictions. It could be their bedroom or the play area outside. If you will allow them to play in the living room, explain to them the importance of cleaning up after. With this, you can reclaim your living space without taking away your child’s fun.

Utilizing Toy Storage Solutions

Having clear, organized storage containers is a great way to ensure that your child’s playtime can stay safe, clean, and stress-free.

There are a variety of toy storage solutions available, ranging from simple baskets to larger modular units. Depending on the size of the toys and the complexity of their shapes and pieces, there is probably something out there that can fit all of your needs!

For instance, this multi-functional bean bag not only can keep stuffed toys organized but can also make a stylish furniture piece for your home.

Sorting Toys Into Categories

By sorting toys into categories, you can easily find the items your child needs without having to sift through mountains of miscellaneous clutter.

The key is to keep things as simple as possible. If your child has a large collection of action figures, for instance, you can create one category for all of them. Or if you have building blocks or arts and crafts supplies, separate them into different categories based on size or type.

And label everything! Labeling is the absolute key when it comes to organization. This will make it super easy for your children to find their favorite toys!

Showcase Toys in Creative Ways

You can take organizing your kids' toys to a whole new level with a few creative ideas. This will not only help you to keep your kids' toys organized but also add some character to your home!

Hanging toys is an often overlooked option that can make all the difference when it comes to tidying up quickly. For example, this Stuffed Animal Hammock is not only helpful for organizing stuffed animals and dolls, but it’s also great for displaying collections. 

You can even get playful with how you organize your children's toys by making use of stylish storage boxes, bags, or even a playhouse. Much like this Stuffed Animal Plushie Playhouse.

Teaching Kids to Take Responsibility for Their Toys

Teaching your kids how to organize their space will let them develop vital organizational skills that they can use in the future. 

Start with something small such as sorting blocks by size or shape and then move on to larger projects,  so they can understand what’s expected of them and take ownership of the project.

Moreover, set some rules and expectations on how your kids should clean up and reward them if they did a good job after. You can set up a system based on milestones such as completing a task early or staying focused throughout the entire cleaning process; each milestone will come with its own reward!


Parenting is a juggling act, and organizing your children’s toys doesn’t have to add to the stress. With a few helpful tips, you can quickly and easily organize your children’s toys for a tidier home and a more organized life. Not only that, but a clutter-free space can give your home a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere for you and your family.