Toy Decluttering Tips That Works For You

The process of decluttering your home is different for everyone. For example, if you're a minimalist and only want to keep the essentials in your life, then throwing away everything is okay. But if you have pets or children who need more stuff, you need options. We're here to help! Depending on who you are, here are some ways to organize and make your home clutter-free:

For parents with young kids

You may have more pressing matters on your mind than decluttering. However, it's still important to keep clutter at bay so that your home doesn’t feel like an obstacle course.

Start by focusing on the big items first. If there are toys scattered around the living room or spilling into hallways and bedrooms, you can ask your kids which ones they still wanna play with and which ones they are willing to finally let go. For the items they wanna keep, you can organize them using toy organizers such as Over Door Stuffed Animal Toy Storage. It saves space and keeps all the toys out of sight.

Next up: clothes. Toss out anything that isn't in good condition or that no longer fits your child. When clothes go out of style or aren't worn anymore, donate them instead.

For plushie collectors

If you’re a plushie collector, you would want your collection to be organized and displayed immaculately. You might have a designated shelf for all your current “babies” already, but as a collector, chances are, you will get more in the future. Thus, it’s better to be prepared than not know where to put them.

You can try this Stuffed Animal Plushie Playhouse. It's a creative approach to show off your collection without taking up too much room.

For working professionals

The most important thing to declutter is your workspace. Since you're a single person, your desk or home office will likely be a mess. You may even have multiple desks and tables in the room, with each table having its own specific task or purpose (which means it's probably also pretty messy).

The easiest thing to declutter is any extraneous items in this room. For example, if your work requires a lot of paperwork like receipts or invoices, then you probably have more than one filing cabinet. Get rid of the one that doesn't fit with the rest of the decor; it'll make things look less cluttered overall.

This Bean Bag Storage Chair is a cute addition to your home office decor, plus it also functions as storage. You can put old pillows, clothes, or even your old stuffed toys inside. Then, Voila! You have a new and functional accessory in your work area.

No matter who you are, there’s probably a way to declutter that will work for you. Remember that the most important thing is getting started, and then just keep going!