Taming the Toy Tornado: 9 Tips on How to Deal with Too Many Toys at Home

Toys are often the best part of childhood. They spark creativity, foster imagination, and provide hours of entertainment. However, for many parents, the joys of seeing their children play can quickly become overwhelming. Eventually, your kiddos’ collection will multiply and take over the whole house. 

If you’re dealing with too many toys at home, don’t worry! Here are practical tips and strategies to ensure an organized and engaging play space for your children. 

1. Declutter and donate

The first step to dealing with an excess of toys is to declutter. Go through the collection with your child and identify the items they no longer play with or have outgrown. Set aside toys in good condition for donation and you can teach your child about giving and empathy. 

2. Implement a toy rotation system

Rotating your toys is a great solution to manage toy overload. Instead of having all the toys available, store some away and rotate them periodically. This keeps the playroom fresh and exciting and can even make toys feel new again when they reappear.

3. Set storage boundaries

Designate specific storage areas for toys and stick to those boundaries. Invest in clear bins, shelves, and labels to keep everything organized. Encourage your child to participate in the cleanup process by teaching them where each type of toy belongs.

4. Prioritize quality over quantity

Quality toys can provide more value than a mountain of cheap, plastic trinkets. Consider investing in versatile, durable toys that can grow with your child. Wooden blocks, building sets, and open-ended toys can offer endless possibilities for creativity and play.

5. Encourage art and craft supplies

Art and craft supplies can be a fantastic alternative to toys. They encourage creativity and imagination. Set up a designated craft area and stock it with paper, markers, colored pencils, and other art supplies. This not only reduces toy clutter but also promotes artistic expression.

6. Practice the "One In, One Out" rule

Establish the "one in, one out" rule to maintain a manageable toy collection. When a new toy enters the house, an old one must leave. This rule helps prevent toy accumulation and encourages your child to think carefully about what they genuinely want and need.

7. Embrace minimalism

Consider adopting a minimalist mindset when it comes to toys. Focus on a smaller, curated collection of high-quality toys that align with your child's interests and developmental needs. A less cluttered environment can lead to more focused and imaginative play.

8. Create a wishlist

Encourage your child to maintain a wishlist of toys they really want. This can help curb impulsive purchases and ensure that new toys are thoughtful additions to their collection.

9. Rotate books and educational materials

Don't forget about books and educational materials! They help keep things fresh and engaging for your child. But remember, just like toys, they can accumulate over time. Declutter once in a while to ensure a clear space. 

Dealing with too many toys at home can be a challenging task, but with these tips, you can create a more organized and enjoyable play space for your children.


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Remember, the goal is not to eliminate all toys but to strike a balance between fun and functionality. By involving your child in the process and teaching them the values of quality over quantity, you can create a more harmonious living environment for your family.